7th grade..

7th grade had its ups and downs, but most of the year has been alright. This year has had to been the craziest. Its just because the way people act and how i have to deal with it. The biggest achievement was probaly overcoming being one of the kids that just go with the group. I hate how they act and im glad im not one of them. Ive never had a wacky moment so i cant say. The most i will probaly miss about 7th grade is just everything. Being in 7th grade, the teachers, everything. The thing i look forward about 8th grade is being at the top of the school again. Its always great.

3 thoughts on “7th grade..

  1. Hey Zach:)
    I think 7th grade has gone by fast,and it was easier than last year for me.I’m looking forward to being at the top of the school again too and also being one year away from high school:)

  2. That’s like exacctly what I worte, well kinda..

    but anyways i like your blog(:

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